60+ Spooky Halloween Nails Ideas to Recreate This Year

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If you’re looking for creepy, spooky, and cute Halloween nails ideas for 2024 to live the spirit of Halloween, you’ve come to the right place.

While you think finding the best and the sexiest Halloween costumes matters the most, having spooky Halloween nails will finish your whole look and make it on point.

Among all the nail design options out there, Halloween nails definitely offer the most opportunity for creative and captivating designs.

From bats, cats, pumpkins, and spiders to all the things that go bump in the night, you can opt for cute or terrifying designs to suit your Halloween style.

Get ready to dive into the spooky spirit with me because Halloween nail designs are the best way to celebrate the spookiest time of the year!

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Halloween Nails Ideas

I’ve put together 70+ spooky nail designs for Halloween that’ll suit you. Whether you’re looking for vampire nail designs, pumpkin nail designs, or spider web nail designs, we’ve got you covered with all that below!

01. Cute Ghost Nails

Image via: amanda.sudolll

Let’s start off with a simple Halloween nail design that is totally cute! This one really gives off spooky vibes in the simplest way possible. With cute little ghosts, black stars, and drippy black tips, this design is perfect for adding a playful yet spooky touch to your Halloween look!

02. Skelton Nails

Image via: amanda.sudolll

If you can’t decide on one nail art, go for these adorable Halloween doodles! The glossy black base contrasts perfectly with the white bone patterns, adding an extra spooky touch.

03. Floral Ghost Nails

Image via: project_paznokcie

If you’re looking for long-size Halloween manicures, these stiletto nails are a perfect choice. The design features a matte black base with striking orange floral accents and spooky ghost art.

04. Spidey Webs & Bats Nails

Image via: tessa.lyn.nails

These hallwoon nails are a work of art, featuring a vibrant combination of orange, pink, and nude shades with detailed Halloween-themed designs. The almond shape adds elegance, making these nails perfect for any spooky celebration.

05. Cute Halloween Nail Arts

Image via: bugnails

A super cute set of neon Halloween nails with adorable spooky accents that are perfect for a fun Halloween night out. This design is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face and make your Halloween celebrations even more fun!

06. Artistic Yellow Halloween Nails

Image via: petit.cr

Halloween does not have to be all about dark colors. This design proves it with a stunning combination of bright yellow, white, and leopard prints. The mix of mystical symbols like the all-seeing eye, a coiled snake, and mummy eyes adds a unique twist.

07. Creepy Halloween Nails

Image via: thenaildetails

Black and white come alive with trippy monochrome Halloween nails, adding a touch of classic spooky charm to your look. The intricate designs feature bats, pumpkin faces, cats, and other eerie silhouettes on a shimmery base, making each nail a miniature work of art.

08. Cute Bat Face Nails

Image via: tessa.lyn.nails

These spider web patterns are both elegant and eerie, adding a touch of mystery to your manicure. The tiny black cats and the orange accents give a fun and festive Halloween vibe, making this nail design both playful and chic.

09. Sage Green Spooky Nails

Image via: ewiloving.nails

I absolutely love this look, and it’s easy to copy as well! The matte green base is perfect for the spooky season, while the black and white accents, including dripping designs, spider webs, and a cute black cat, add an extra eerie touch.

10. Midnight Halloween Nails

Image via: tessa.lyn.nails

Planning to go as a witch this year? You might want to recreate this Halloween nail design! I love how the deep purple blends smoothly with the spooky black silhouettes and the glittery accents take it up a notch! The intricate drawings of ghosts, moons, and stars against the shimmering background add a magical and enchanting touch to your manicure, making it perfect for any Halloween event.

11. Pumpkin & Ghost Nails

Image via: petit.cr

Isn’t this nail design amazing? I love the orange and black mix-up, it compliments so well with the white details, you honestly can’t go wrong with this look! The playful combination of spooky ghosts, skulls, bones, and pumpkin faces creates a fun and festive vibe.

12. Orange Hues French tips

Image via: nailitmedia

I’m so obsessed with this design! The gradient orange tips create a vibrant and eye-catching base, while the adorable details, like the cat wearing a party hat, make this manicure both fun and festive for the Halloween season.

13. Cute Creepy Halloween Faces

Image via: nailitmedia

These nails are giving me such good vibes for Halloween. I really love how she took inspiration from classic Halloween elements and created this super cool design that is Halloween-appropriate! The set features vibrant and spooky colors like white, green, orange, and black, each nail showcasing a different Halloween character: a ghost, a stitched-up monster, a jack-o’-lantern, and a skeleton.

14. Delicate Halloween Leafs Arts

Image via: nailswithclau

Embrace the magic of the Halloween evening with orange and black nails featuring a delightful mix of pumpkin and leaf patterns, capturing the essence of the season’s mystique. The combination of matte and textured finishes adds depth to the design, while the autumnal colors perfectly reflect the cozy vibes of the season.

15. Painted Halloween Nail Arts

Image via: mynailgirl.shay

White nails with bold and vibrant Halloween-themed designs like skulls, vampire lips, pumpkins, and ghosts make for a fun and eye-catching manicure. This playful and colorful approach to Halloween nails adds a fresh and exciting twist to the season’s typical palette.

16. Batty French Tips Nail Art

Image via: nailpromagazine

Fun and festive, but still spooky – these orange nails adorned with cute ghost and bat accents celebrate the Halloween spirit in a lighthearted and charming way.

17. Cute Ghost In Forest Nail Arts

Image via: sallywitch_nails

This nails like having a haunted portrait gallery on your fingertips. The almond-shaped nails feature super cute ghost paintings creating a unique and eerie yet elegant look, perfect for a sophisticated Halloween manicure.

18. Cutie Ghost Nails Arts

Image via: ashxmcgrath

Black is one of the many colors that I love playing with on my nails whenever I want a mysterious look. This nail design features a black base with intricate floral patterns and cute ghost details, giving it a mysterious yet playful vibe. The almond shape adds elegance to the overall look.

19. Vibrant Halloween Nails

Image via: ashxmcgrath

Glamorous and fun are two words I would describe this gradient Halloween manicure. If you’re planning on a spooky Halloween season, this is the manicure to get! This design features a gradient from pink to orange with black Halloween-themed patterns, including ghosts, spider webs, and stars on long coffin-shaped nails.

20. Pink Tips Holloween Nails Arts

Image via: total_nailarchy

This spookly pink and orange manicure would be so ideal for those who prefer to keep their nails cute and whimsical. The nails feature a mix of pink and orange with adorable ghost and bat designs, creating a fun and playful look perfect for Halloween.

21. Haunted Mansion Nails Arts

Image via: total_nailarchy

Here’s another subtle and very minimalist black and white manicure that’s just totally stunning! The design showcases black and white Halloween-themed patterns like haunted houses and ghosts on short, square nails, giving a clean yet spooky vibe.

22. Boo-tiful Halloween Nails

Image via: ashxmcgrath

If you don’t want to go overboard with scary nails and just looking for a simple and easy nail design, this gorgeous Halloween accent set is perfect for you! 

23. Wicked Night Halloween Nails

Image via: nailswithavibe

Also, If you’re looking for spooky and artistic nail art, then this Halloween-themed design is perfect for you! These nails feature a matte black base with detailed Halloween illustrations, including ghosts, pumpkins, and haunted trees, creating a hauntingly beautiful look.

24. Smiley Pumpkin Nail Arts

Image via: nailswithavibe

These cute pumpkin-themed nails are a perfect go-to for Halloween mani. Featuring adorable pumpkin faces on a creamy white base, this playful design is also perfect for celebrating the autumn season. The short, square shape adds to the charming look.

25. Cute & Short Halloween Nails

Image via: onenailtorulethemall

I love the short, rounded shape on these nails! The beige base with black speckles creates a unique backdrop for cute Halloween designs, including pumpkins, ghosts, bats, and stars. This manicure is both fun and festive.

26. Bats, Cats Creepy Green Nails

Image via: spooky_nailz

I am totally in love with the neon green effect on these nails! The almond-shaped nails feature a translucent base with neon green accents and black Halloween motifs like ghosts, cats, and bats, making them eye-catching and perfect for spooky celebrations.

27. Skeleton Heads Tree Nails

Image via: heynicenails

If you’re looking for ghost art that looks subtle and chic, then these are the nails for you! The light pink base with white ghost, mummy, and spiderweb designs on short, almond-shaped nails makes this manicure perfect for a sophisticated yet fun Halloween look.

28. Cute Pinky Ghost Nails

Image via: hails.nail

If you’re looking for ghost art that looks subtle and chic, then these are the nails for you! The light pink base with white ghost, mummy, and spiderweb designs on short, almond-shaped nails makes this manicure perfect for a sophisticated yet fun Halloween look.

29. Monochrome Magic & Disney Ghosts

Image via: audreyfaithartistry

Black is a classic color for Halloween so go crazy with it and create stunning nail art like this. For more clarity, try different sets of nail designs like spooky ghosts, hypnotic swirls, spiderwebs, and bold stripes. The black and white contrast adds a striking effect, making the designs pop and giving your nails a cool and classy vibe either way!

30. Pumkin Skelton Halloween Arts

Image via: clsnailsupplies

You don’t need pro nail art skills to achieve this. All you actually need is some regular pink polish and you’re ready to go. Featuring a sheer base with black French tips, skeleton details, and a cute orange pumpkin, this manicure on long, square-shaped nails is perfect for Halloween festivities.

31. Super Cute Little Ghosts Arts

Image via: nailsbyjanine.x

What’s better than these cute ghost nails, right? This kind of manicure is going to give you more room for creativity on what kind of patterns you’re looking to do with your pink and white ghost-themed nails. The design on long, square-shaped nails includes adorable ghost, spiderweb, and swirl patterns, adding a whimsical touch to your look.

32. Matte Black Halloween Nails

Image via: taryns.nails

The mix of white, yellow, and orange flowers adds a whimsical touch to the spooky elements, creating a unique and elegant Halloween look on these nails. The stiletto shape enhances the dramatic effect, making this manicure a standout choice for the season.

33. Trick or Treat Halloween Nails

Image via: mermaidculture

Pumpkin orange is an ideal Halloween season color too! But it’s also a versatile color that can fit almost any season all year long. This manicure features long, square-shaped nails with a variety of Halloween designs, including pumpkins, stitches, and a creepy scarecrow, all in shades of orange, black, and beige.

34. Orange Shades Heart Arts

Image via: fxckitsjhazzy.nailz

It’s time to give your nails that vibrant and festive touch that’s ideal for Halloween. If you’re not into traditional dark colors, go for this bright orange and pink combination! The long, square-shaped nails feature intricate patterns of hearts, ghosts, and pumpkins, creating a lively and fun look.

35. Halloween Artistry Nails

Image via: nailsbykathyyy

I just love this shade of pink and green here! They’re so pretty and you can pair them with different variations of Halloween patterns. On this particular manicure, the nail art is totally perfect with its mix of eyes, snakes, and leopard print on long, stiletto-shaped nails.

36. Ghost & Floral Halloween Arts

Image via: nailsbykathyyy

Here’s another set of spooky nails for Halloween that you definitely gonna adore! But this time, you’ll be playing with floral and ghost nail combination for that beautiful pop of color! The design features a matte black base with orange and pink floral patterns, and ghost faces on long, stiletto-shaped nails, creating a spooky yet elegant look.

37. Spooky Season is Here!

Image via: nailsbykathyyy

I think this scary black-and-white manicure is must try for your Halloween. It reminds me of classic spooky movies with its intricate designs of ghosts, spiderwebs, and snakes on long, stiletto-shaped nails.

38. Glitter Purple Halloween Nails

Image via: bycheznails

This is one of the prettiest lavender nail colors we can go! I love how it’s sparkly but still has a delicate feel. The glittery purple accents, including bats, ghosts, spiderwebs, and bows on medium-length almond nails, create a charming and festive look.

39. Spooky But Make It Cute 👻

Image via: sarahsgelnail

It is no secret that pink and black nails are one of the most popular nail trends of recent years, thanks to their innovative patterns and versatility, and we’re loving this trend still! This manicure features a light pink base with black cats, ghosts, and spiderweb designs on long, square-shaped nails, perfect for a chic and spooky look.

40. Scream Ghost Face Nails

Image via: sarahsgelnail

These pink nails capture the scary feeling of the creepy movie ‘SCREAM’, transforming your nails into a chilling work of art that’s both terrifying and terrific. These designs make them a unique and stylish choice for Halloween.

41. Lovely Little Cute Ghosts

Image via: queenbcreative_

How gorgeous are these Halloween nails looking? With a mix of matte, gel, marble, and intricate words, they look incredibly beautiful and very Halloween-appropriate! These nails are sure to make a statement and add a festive touch to any Halloween outfit!

42. Purple & Black Dark Vibe

Image via: knot.nails

Your nails are sure to look gorgeous with this black and purple manicure. Featuring a mix of black and lavender nails with a single spider design on medium-length, square-shaped nails, this look is both cute and spooky, ideal for Halloween festivities.

43. White Pumpkin Nails Tips

Image via: jazzynailsx

The detailed black and white pumpkin designs, reminiscent of classic animation, bring a unique and captivating twist to your festive manicure.

44. Spooky Cute Ghost Nails

Image via: sarahsgelnails

Can there be anything more adorable than this nail design for Halloween? I’m totally obsessed. I love how both the colors match so well with each other, and the overall design looks so cute.

45. Spider Webs & Speckles

Image via: knot.nails

Another way to get creative with your Halloween nails is by using orange swirl effects to create those classic spooky designs. This manicure features black spiderwebs and ghost details on square-shaped nails, adding a festive and stylish touch to your look.

46. Minimalist Halloween Nails Tips

Image via: jazzynailsx

You can always play with the basic black and white nail tips to create some swoon-worthy stuff. This set showcases a sophisticated twist on Halloween nails with black and white tips featuring subtle ghostly silhouettes and golden star accents.

47. Black & Pink Halloween

Image via: cheyennesnails_

That pastel purple shade looks so gorgeous and the black spiderweb design complements it perfectly. also, the shimmering base adds a fairy touch to the look, making it stand out. This manicure definitely screams Halloween, blending cute and spooky elements seamlessly!

48. Vibrant Spooky Pink Halloween Nails

Image via: nailsbypaulin

This design is all about spider web patterns and vibrant pink colors. I love how unique and eye-catching these nails are. You’ll feel like a true spooky feel with this creative look!

49. Simple & Easy DIY Nails

Image via: mnailbar.lch

Yet another easy Halloween nail design. Just paint your nails with a nude base, add a classic white French tip, and strat creating this cute ghost designs. Now you have these little spooky friends on your nails while keeping it elegant and chic.

50. Smiley Ghost Pumpkin Nails Arts

Image via: mnailbar.lch

These playful ghosts, pumpkins, and stitched details are super easy to recreate. Focus on creating clean designs, and you can add polka dots using a dotting tool or even a cotton swab for that extra spooky touch. This manicure perfectly balances festive fun with a cute and charming Halloween vibe!

51. Pumpkin Nails Arts

Image via: naileditbeauty

These nails feature adorable pumpkin designs on a nude base. The intricate details and autumnal colors perfectly capture the essence of fall and Halloween. The design is playful yet elegant, making it ideal for any Halloween celebration.

52. Ghost Face On Nails Tips

Image via: naileditbeauty

I’m smitten with these cute ghost nails because they offer a hassle-free, fun way to bring the charming spookiness of Halloween to my fingertips, no matter how busy the season gets. The design features adorable white ghosts on a nude base, creating a minimalist yet festive look.

53. Cute Little Puking & Ghost Faces

Image via: naileditbeauty

You can have a mix of cute ghosts and jack-o’-lanterns designs for this Halloween manicure. The combination of the ghostly designs with the cheerful pumpkins creates a fun and festive look. The almond shape adds a touch of sophistication, while the playful patterns bring out the Halloween charm.”

54. Halloween Boo Nails

Image via: naileditbeauty

Totally love this cute and charm nail design, The design includes vibrant orange tips, a playful ghost, a “BOO” inscription, and an orange and white geometric pattern, making it a festive and whimsical choice for celebrating the season.

55. Cute Ghost & French Tips

Image via: _nailsbyemmaa_

Check out these black-tipped nails with spooky ghost accents. The black French tips paired with cute, minimal ghost designs make for a chic yet eerie manicure. This look is perfect for those who want to embrace the Halloween vibe without going overboard.

56. Spooky Yellow Tips Nails

Image via: leannehaycock_

For something bit bold, we have these nails with vibrant orange tips and intricate black and white details. The designs include creepy crawlies and spider webs, adding a touch of gothic elegance to your Halloween look. The use of contrasting colors and fine line work makes these nails stand out.

57. Easy-Peasy Halloween Nails

Image via: leannehaycock_

These cute and spooky designs feature a mix of pumpkins, drips, and ghost accents on a soft nude base. These nails are simple yet festive, perfect for those who love a minimalist approach with a Halloween twist.

59. Checked Nails For Halloween

Image via: nylove_nail

Let’s talk about this delightful pastel manicure featuring tiny pumpkins, ghosts, and floral accents. The soft color palette combined with the detailed Halloween elements creates a whimsical and enchanting look. It’s perfect for those who prefer a subtler approach to their spooky nails.

60. Neon Spiral Halloween Nails

Image via: nylove_nail

If you love neon Halloween – style this one for you. These vibrant neon nails with intricate black details and swirling patterns make these nails a standout choice for anyone looking to make a bold statement this Halloween.

61. Halloween Floral Arts

Image via: nylove_nail

Now, let’s talk about this adorable black and orange design with cute ghost and pumpkin details. The use of black as a base really makes the white and orange accents pop, creating a fun and festive look.”

62. Pink Gradient Ghost Nails Arts

Image via: nylove_nail

Check out these nails featuring a soft pastel purple base with glittery accents and ghost designs. The addition of silver sparkles gives this manicure a magical and whimsical vibe, perfect for a spooky yet enchanting look.

63. Halloween Evening Nails

Image via: nylove_nail

Before we come to the end of this nail list, we have a stunning black and orange combination spooky nail design. The glossy and glitter finishes of this nails add depth and dimension to the design, making these nails perfect for any Halloween celebration.

64. Glitter Halloween Nails Art

Image via: nylove_nail

Long and mysterious nails with intricate spiderwebs, swirling patterns, and a standout ghost accent, casting an irresistible spell of Halloween charm.

The combination of bones, stripes, and spirals adds a unique and captivating touch, perfect for those who want their nails to make a bold Halloween statement.

Summing Up

Having a festive holiday manicure really helps put you in the Halloween mood. From simple and cute Halloween nails to spooky and scary nail designs, get ready to celebrate the spooky season.

As always, feel free to bookmark this page to save it for later, or Don’t forget to pin the images to Pinterest to share with your besties!

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