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70+ Spooky Halloween Nails Ideas to Recreate This Year

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If you’re looking for creepy, spooky, and cute Halloween nails ideas for 2024 to live the spirit of Halloween, you’ve come to the right place.

While you think finding the best and the sexiest Halloween costumes matters the most, having spooky Halloween nails will finish your whole look and make it on point.

Among all the nail design options out there, Halloween nails definitely offer the most opportunity for creative and captivating designs.

From bats, cats, pumpkins, and spiders to all the things that go bump in the night, you can opt for cute or terrifying designs to suit your Halloween style.

Get ready to dive into the spooky spirit with me because Halloween nail designs are the best way to celebrate the spookiest time of the year!

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Best Nail Essentials We Recommend,

To recreate some of these Halloween nails ideas below, we recommend using certain products that will make it much easier to achieve the desired result.

Halloween Nails Ideas

I’ve put together 70+ spooky nail designs for Halloween that’ll suit you. Whether you’re looking for vampire nail designs, pumpkin nail designs, or spider web nail designs, we’ve got you covered with all that below!

01. Cute Ghost Nails

Image via: amanda.sudolll

02. Skelton Nails

Image via: amanda.sudolll

03. Floral Ghost Nails

Image via: project_paznokcie

04. Spidey Webs & Bats Nails

Image via: tessa.lyn.nails

05. Cute Bat Face Nails

Image via: tessa.lyn.nails

06. Midnight Halloween Nails

Image via: tessa.lyn.nails

07. Creepy Halloween Nails

Image via: thenaildetails

08. Cute Halloween Nail Arts

Image via: bugnails

09. Sage Green Spooky Nails

Image via: ewiloving.nails

10. Artistic Yellow Halloween Nails

Image via:

11. Pumpkin & Ghost Nails

Image via:

12. Orange Hues French tips

Image via: nailitmedia

13. Cute Creepy Halloween Faces

Image via: nailitmedia

14. Delicate Halloween Leafs Arts

Image via: nailswithclau

15. Painted Halloween Nail Arts

Image via: mynailgirl.shay

16. Batty French Tips Nail Art

Image via: nailpromagazine

17. Cute Ghost In Forest Nail Arts

Image via: sallywitch_nails

18. Cutie Ghost Nails Arts

Image via: ashxmcgrath

19. Vibrant Halloween Nails

Image via: ashxmcgrath

20. Pink Tips Holloween Nails Arts

Image via: total_nailarchy

21. Haunted Mansion Nails Arts

Image via: total_nailarchy

22. Boo-tiful Halloween Nails

Image via: ashxmcgrath

23. Wicked Night Halloween Nails

Image via: nailswithavibe

24. Smiley Pumpkin Nail Arts

Image via: nailswithavibe

25. Cute & Short Halloween Nails

Image via: onenailtorulethemall

26. Bats, Cats Creepy Green Nails

Image via: spooky_nailz

27. Skeleton Heads Tree Nails

Image via: heynicenails

28. Cute Pinky Ghost Nails

Image via: hails.nail

29. Monochrome Magic & Disney Ghosts

Image via: audreyfaithartistry

30. Pumkin Skelton Halloween Arts

Image via: clsnailsupplies

31. Super Cute Little Ghosts Arts

Image via: nailsbyjanine.x

32. Matte Black Halloween Nails

Image via: taryns.nails

33. Trick or Treat Halloween Nails

Image via: mermaidculture

34. Orange Shades Heart Arts

Image via: fxckitsjhazzy.nailz

35. Halloween Artistry Nails

Image via: nailsbykathyyy

36. Ghost & Floral Halloween Arts

Image via: nailsbykathyyy

37. Spooky Season is Here!

Image via: nailsbykathyyy

38. Glitter Purple Halloween Nails

Image via: bycheznails

39. Spooky But Make It Cute 👻

Image via: sarahsgelnail

40. Scream Ghost Face Nails

Image via: sarahsgelnail

41. Lovely Little Cute Ghosts

Image via: queenbcreative_

42. Purple & Black Dark Vibe

Image via: knot.nails

43. Spider Webs & Speckles

Image via: knot.nails

44. Spookyyy Cute Ghost Nails

Image via: sarahsgelnails

45. White Pumpkin Nails Tips

Image via: jazzynailsx

46. Minimalist Halloween Nails Tips

Image via: jazzynailsx

47. Black & Pink Halloween

Image via: cheyennesnails_

48. Vibrant Spooky Pink Halloween Nails

Image via: nailsbypaulin

49. Simple & Easy DIY Nails

Image via: mnailbar.lch

50. Perfect Start For Halloween

Image via: mnailbar.lch

51. Smiley Ghost Pumpkin Nails Arts

Image via: mnailbar.lch

52. Pumpkin Nails Arts

Image via: naileditbeauty

53. Ghost Face On Nails Tips

Image via: naileditbeauty

54. Cute Little Puking & Ghost Faces

Image via: naileditbeauty

55. Halloween Boo Nails

Image via: naileditbeauty

56. Cute Ghost & French Tips

Image via: _nailsbyemmaa_

57. Spooky Yellow Tips Nails

Image via: leannehaycock_

58. Easy-Peasy Halloween Nails

Image via: leannehaycock_

59. Heart Nails For Halloween

Image via: leannehaycock_

60. Checked Nails For Halloween

Image via: nylove_nail

61. Neon Spiral Halloween Nails

Image via: nylove_nail

62. Halloween Floral Arts

Image via: nylove_nail

63. Pink Gradient Ghost Nails Arts

Image via: nylove_nail

64. Halloween Evening Nails

Image via: nylove_nail

65. Glitter Halloween Nails Art

Image via: nylove_nail

Summing Up

Having a festive holiday manicure really helps put you in the Halloween mood. From simple and cute Halloween nails to spooky and scary nail designs, get ready to celebrate the spooky season.

As always, feel free to bookmark this page to save it for later, or Don’t forget to pin the images to Pinterest to share with your besties!

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