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60+ Cutest Short Nails Designs Ideas to Recreate This Year

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Looking for some short nails designs inspiration? From colors to aesthetics and patterns, this article compiles the best nail design ideas for short nails!

That’s why I’ve curated this collection of 50+ short nail ideas and designs just for you. Also, if you’re a fan of press-on nails, you’ll be thrilled to know that most of these designs can be easily purchased online.

Short nails are not only stylish and eye-catching but also practical, especially if you’re constantly typing or working with your hands.

They allow you to spend less time worrying about your nails and more time enjoying your activities, while still looking chic and trendy for any occasion.

These short nail designs are ideal for everyday wear, ensuring you’ll never tire of them and make you forget all about your obsession with long acrylic nails.

Dive Into More Inspiration and Style Tips!

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Best Nail Essentials We Recommend,

To recreate some of these short nails designs below, we recommend using certain products that will make it much easier to achieve the desired result.

Short Nails Design Ideas

I’m excited to share some fabulous short nail designs with you today! These are the cutest short nail designs and short nails you’ll want to recreate, perfect for everyday wear. So let’s dive in and find the perfect look for you!

01. Pink Glitter Short Nails

Image via: frecklepusnails

02. Glitter Celebration Nails 

Image via: magpiebeautyusa

03. Glazed Butterfly Nails

Image via: bees.knees.nails

04. Blue Floral Nails

Image via: bees.knees.nails

05. Celestial Abstract Nails

Image via: qwjluna

06. Black Star Nails

Image via: poshandpolished__studio

07. Tiny Heart Nail Art

Image via:

08. New Year Short Nails

Image via: novalee_nails

09. Gold Hearts Matte Nails

Image via: katrina_kokareva

10. Cross Check Matte Nails

Image via: aki___nailart

11. Fall Themed Nails

Image via: nailsuponatime

12. Cute Potato Brwon Matte Nails

Image via: sanaz_tosi

13. Glitter Blue Line Nails

Image via: masterclass_nailartclub

14. Black Square French Tips

Image via: unhasesmalbela

15. Hello Kitty Short Nails

Image via: the.palm_

16. Delicate Leaf Nail Arts

Image via: paiwaloves

17. Night Sky Marble Nails

Image via: swaknails

18. Ocean Blue Gold Accent Nails

Image via: gara.nails

19. Cute Ghost Boo Nails

Image via: indigonailsuk_official

20. Fried Eggs Short Nails

Image via: sanaz_tosi

21. Yellow Floral Nails

Image via: ego_alinkha

22. Lavender Speckles Nails

Image via: amber_nailart

23. Sage Green Double French Tips

Image via: alieva_nailar

24. Fried Eggs Pink Nails

Image via: lerapromanik

25. Simple Tessel Nails

Image via: mur.nails.ekaterina

26. Pink Heart Blue Nails

Image via: ataman_olga

27. Rainbow Tips Nails

Image via: qwjluna

28. Glazed Donut Short Nails

Image via: _nail_art_house_

29. Black & White Abstract Nails

Image via: ego_alinkha

30. Gemstones Short Nails

Image via: nailsuponatime

31. Sunset Vibe Matte Nails

Image via: epic_elfik

32. Gold Accent Ocean Waves

Image via: nail__master__russia

33. Elemental Blue Glitter Nails

Image via: nail_idea18

34. Cloudy Sky Nails & Greenery Nails

Image via: nail.ideas.iran

35. Matte Black Short Nails

Image via: irina_rain

36. Green Floral Nails Art

Image via: aki___nailart

37. Speckles White Nails

Image via: nail_poisk

38. Gold Pink Nails

Image via: _yesuliehernandez

39. Glitter Flower Clear Nails

Image via: meloo_nails

40. Easter Neon Nails Arts

Image via: ataman_olga

41. Vibrant Short Nails

Image via: gara.nails

42. Cute 🤍 Black Nails

Image via: metdaan.nails

43. Negative Space Nails

Image via: irina_rain

44. Crossline Nails

Image via: press_reset_nails

45. Yellow Vibrant Nails

Image via: eszterevelin_nails

46. Black Stripe Nails

Image via: ataman_olga

47. Cute Penguin Nails Art

Image via: sanaz_tosi

48. Glossy White Nails

Image via: manicure.pinterest

49. Cute Nude Nails

Image via: mur.nails.ekaterina

50. Geomertric Pink Nails

Image via: mani_concept_

51. Pink Fur Nails With French Tips

Image via: wercix.nails

52. Orange & Black Swirl Nails

Image via: gluhova_nail

53. Spring Floral Nail Arts

Image via:

54. Autumn Leafs Nails

Image via: rebekahxpritchard

55. Pink Striped Nails

Image via: slowianka_nails

56. Summer Tropical Nails

Image via: thenailmystic

57. Cute Bunny Face Nails Art

Image via: wercix.nails

58. Pastel Floral Short Nails

Image via: ataman_olga

59. Paint Dotted Nails

Image via: gara.nails

60. White French Tips Nails

Image via: _nailsbybethany

61. Glitter French Tips Nails

Image via: _nailsbybethany

62. Glossy burgundy Short Nails

Image via: _nailsbybethany

63. Glitter Lilac Short Nails

Image via: _nailsbybethany

64. Nude Cute Short Nails

Image via: _nailsbybethany

65. Pink & White Short Nails

Image via: rockstarnailscl

66. Gold Leafs Nails Art

Image via: nailsby_kimberlin

Summing Up

No matter which design you choose, short nail designs are guaranteed to make a statement. These adorable short nail designs are perfect for everyday wear. They’re super practical and versatile, making them ideal for any occasion.

Hope you liked these short nail ideas and have found some inspiration for your nails!

As always, feel free to bookmark this page to save it for later, or Don’t forget to pin the images to Pinterest to share with your besties!

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