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40+ Burgundy Nails Designs Ideas You Have to Recreate

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Are you ready to add a touch of sophistication and allure to your nail game? Prepare to indulge in the rich elegance of burgundy with our curated collection of captivating burgundy nails designs ideas!

As we “say goodbye” to the sun-drenched days of summer and welcome the crisp embrace of the approaching cooler months, you might find yourself eagerly embracing the spirit of fall.

Alongside the changing leaves and cozy sweaters, one of the most beloved aspects of the season is its rich, earthy color palette—a palette that extends beyond clothing and makeup to encompass our manicures as well.

And if you’re itching to jumpstart your autumnal vibe a tad early, there’s no easier way to do so than with the timeless allure of burgundy nail polish and artistry.

The allure of this sultry shade knows no bounds, but its magic truly shines when incorporated into intricate nail designs.

To showcase just a glimpse of the perfect ways burgundy can elevate your transition from summer to fall, I’ve curated a collection of over a dozen burgundy nail ideas.

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To achieve some of these burgundy nails designs ideas below, we recommend using some products that will make it a lot easier to achieve the result you want.

Perfect Burgundy Nails Ideas

Within these suggestions, you might just discover the perfect set to begin your autumnal nail journey. So why wait? Let’s dive into the depths of burgundy brilliance and let our nails tell the tale of the changing seasons.

01. Glossy Almond Burgundy Nails

Image credit: thehotblend

02. Not So Basic Burgundy..

Image credit: luxxinails

03. Pink Base Swirls Nails

Image credit: napaznokciach

04. Beautiful Cherish Nails

Image credit: nailssbykate

05. Flowers in a Dark, Burgundy Version

Image credit: dagmara.zajac_

06. Deep Velvet Burgundy Nails

Image credit: opinailsuk

07. Queen of the Dead by Mooncat 🥀

Image credit: polishedbookworm

08. Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Image credit: thehotblend

09. Aura Burgundy Nails

Image credit: studio_sunset_ltsm

10. Burgundy Tips with Gold Line

Image credit: thehotblend

11. Every Leaf Speaks Bliss

Image credit: indiglownails

12. Perfect Mani Dosen’t Exi…

Image credit: amanda.sudoll

13. Gryffindor Vibes Nails

Image credit: press_reset_nails

14. This Timeless Burgundy Manicure

Image credit: matejanova

15. Delicious Nails 🤎

Image credit: knot.nails

16. Dark Wine Nails

Image credit: embrace.nails

17. Negative Space Almond Nails

Image credit: _mejzi

18. Delicious Chocolate Nails

Image credit: amanda.sudoll

19. Snowflakes Red Nails

Image credit: fasia.nails

20. Burgundy Matte + Glossy Tips Nails

Image credit: luxx_nailspa

21. Malaga Wine Nails

Image credit: chantelnails_yeg

22. Matte & Glossy Glitter Nails

Image credit: nailsart.reginaatkari

23. Dark Chocolate Nails

Image credit: thelittlethingsbyania

24. Sweet Sweater Nails

Image credit: project_paznokcie

25. All in One Nails

Image credit: monika__nails

26. Old Wine + Classic Nude Nails

Image credit: project_paznokcie

27. Simple French Manicure

Image credit: aimeestokesbeauty

28. Simple Gold Glitter nails 

Image credit: heloise_timsonet_indigonails

29. 🍒 Bow Nails

Image credit: umanione_

30. Burgundy – Silver Mix Nails

Image credit: amanda.sudoll

31. Burgundy & Hearts

Image credit: amanda.sudoll

32. Simple Burgundy Swirl Nails

Image credit: manifest_bm

33. Burgundy Palette Nails

Image credit: manifest_bm

34. Glossy Swirl Burgundy Nails

Image credit: napaznokciach

35. Matte – Glossy Tones

Image credit: lee_beauty_studio

36. Dark Burgundy Nails

Image credit: nailsbyalsn

37. Glossy Burgundy Swirl Nails

Image credit: monika__nails

38. Burgundy, Rose + Glitter Waves

Image credit: monika__nails

39. Matte + Glossy French Tips

Image credit: linyatricks

40. Burgundy Dreaming

Image credit: annagasienica_

Final Thoughts

So, go ahead and try out these gorgeous burgundy nail ideas, and let your creativity shine! There’s always a perfect design waiting to adorn your fingertips.

I hope you loved all of these stunning burgundy nail ideas!

As always, feel free to bookmark this page to save it for later, or Don’t forget to pin the images to Pinterest to share with your besties!

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